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IN YOUR SKIN - Gold Coast, Australia


IN YOUR SKIN is designed to empower YOU, to empower your sense of SELF, to change the narrative of our self-TALK.

In this day and age woman are bombarded with messages surrounding how we SHOULD look.

Be skinny, but not too skinny! Be fit, but don’t be muscly! Love your curves, but don’t be fat!

The naked truth is always better than
the best-dressed lie.

I wish to live in a world where the words ‘curvy’ ‘thin’ ‘fat’ ‘skinny’ are no longer used to describe a woman. Where we use other descriptors to talk about a woman. She is intelligent, timid, outgoing, hilarious, driven. 

Our bodies do not define us. They do not describe us. They should never bind us. 

The truth is we are all ‘REAL’ women, there is no right or wrong, no good or bad, nothing more beautiful than the other.

It is hard to establish a firm, loving bond with our bodies with all the noise, advertisements and messages we receive on a daily basis. This workshop aims to be the ultimate offering of self-appreciation and love by allowing you to strip off, bare all and celebrate your perfect body through imagery.


Please Bring:

  • Journal & pen

  • A robe or sarong or floaty dress (basically something you can change into that is comfortable and easy to take off to get naked!)

  • A wild heart

What’s Included:

  • 1 Polaroid picture to take home that evening.

  • 15 professionally edited images sent to your email the following day.

  • Wine and nibbles.

  • Journalling exercises.

  • Self-love exercises.

  • Guided Meditation.

  • Sisterhood and nudity!

The flow of the evening:

  • The evening will begin with an opening circle once everyone is changed into their comfy robe.

  • Vicky from @drishti_videography will take you through a short guided mediation and a journaling exercise.

  • Next the nude portrait sessions will begin. One by one you will be taken into the studio space where you will spend around 8-10 minutes shooting empowering portraits with Vicky.

  • Meanwhile co-host Madonna from Zen Soul Life will guide the rest of the group through group discussion, journalling and self-love exercises.

    - Investment $275.00 AUD -

    $50.00 AUD from each ticked sold will go directly to the Gold Coast Centre Against Sexual Violence. You will be contributing to ending sexual violence against women and standing up for women’s rights everywhere.


In Your Skin is more than nude portraits, it is a movement.
A movement designed to empower woman to look at their own bodies and say I LOVE YOU. A movement that will rebel against the unachievable expectations set by society.

It is a space where all woman can come together, bare it all, look into the camera, stand proud and say ‘This Is Me’. Where different shaped boobs and different textured bellies and different looking butts are ALL loved, celebrated and photographed. A space where sisterhood is stronger than judgement. Where nudity is not sexualised. A place where we pose for no-one else but ourselves.

A movement that encourages you to feel at home in your skin and to set yourself free from ‘I should be..’!

Woman are ready for this. We are so ready. I am ready for this. 
Let’s walk the path together. Forever.


To secure your space we will require a 50% deposit of $100.00 AUD.

Please PayPal: vickyyogalust@gmail.com
please note your name, email and event location.

Any questions?
email drishtivideography@gmail.com

See you there sisters!

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